Help Create a Safer, Healthier Future


Dear Fort Collins Community,

Fort Collins has one of the most aggressive climate action plans in the country and is celebrating 20 years of climate action, including our unanimously adopted goals by City Council in March 2015 to reduce community carbon emissions 20% by 2020, 80% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. We set these goals because it makes financial, social, and environmental sense for our community.

Fort Collins has continued to be an innovative and world-class community in tandem with our work to reduce emissions, all while our population and economy have continued to grow. And yet, there is more we must all do collectively to achieve our vision of a carbon neutral future by 2050.

Through the Shift Campaign, we hope to help you Shift your time, energy and money to what matters most, all while creating a better climate future and helping Fort Collins become a world-class sustainable city for generations to come. The choices we make today as individuals and as a community will affect our children, we must actively work to create a sustainable and inclusive future today for our tomorrow.

The Shift campaign has already helped hundreds of community members stop their junk mail, save money on their energy bills, and improve their health by shifting their ride. This has saved folks time for what matters most, reduced waste going to our landfill, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Make a Shift today to take action for the health of our economy, our community, and our future.


Mayor Wade Troxell

Sustainable Living Association